(intuitive) Creativity: listening beneath the surface

25 Jul

(intuitive) Creativity: listening beneath the surface

by Isabella Vickers, Managing Editor

Cease trying to work everything out with your minds. It will get you nowhere. Live by intuition and inspiration and let your whole life be revelation. ~ Eileen Caddy

What does it mean to listen beneath the surface? to hear the sounds just beyond the edge of recognition? to open your heart to the barely perceptible whispers?  When we hold ourselves at these edges of awareness with openness and curiosity, we are likely to receive deeper wisdom, richer insights, that may not make immediate or perfect sense (until later). These are the ways of Intuition.

Human aliveness is inseparable from creativity. I believe that creativity and intuition are intimately connected. We were born with, and continue to possess, deep wells of inner wisdom and creative impulses just waiting to be listened to and acted on. ~ Flora Bowley

Here’s the key — to access this deep inner wisdom, we need stillness. We need to get quiet, the way we do when we’re really, truly listening. Not thinking about our response, what’s next, what’s for dinner, which is the right color, the perfect symbol, etc., but really listening…beneath the surface. And then we need to receive the messages offered, not try to make sense of them or set them aside for another day, but pay attention – now.

How does Intuition show up in your life? Where do you easily notice it and where is it harder to recognize or accept? And when does it intersect (or have tea) with Creativity?

We are ALL about creativity around here. And something wondrous happens when we actively and intentionally invite Intuition into the creative process. It’s a particular kind of creativity that listens more deeply, explores more boldly, expresses more truly. We learn techniques, we study styles, we vision, we heartstorm, we have tea with our muses all for the sake of flinging wide the doors for our intuition!

Resist the urge to paint “pretty” or “perfect” or “easy” and free yourself from these limiting ways of expression. Focus instead on staying present with your intuition in order to follow your heart. In doing so, you are offering your truest self to the world, and who knows, you may just stumble–raw and messy–into your next great breakthrough. ~ Flora Bowley

One of my favorite parts of the intuitive process is learning to pay attention to synchronicities, small or large, those things that seem like messages from the universe just for you — a symbol or pattern that mysteriously presents itself in your painting, a song or an image that comes into your awareness at just the right time, a phrase that tip-toes quietly into your poem, your friend’s phone call just when you need it and about exactly what you need to talk about (but didn’t know it), a book that finds its way into your hands and moves you forward with pure grace, making a decision (or even considering one) and having one thing after another line up to support you or show you the way.

Unexpected and unique compositions, color combinations, and subject matter appear when you move out of your own way and allow your paintings to emerge organically. Working from a place of open curiosity and recognizing that there are no mistakes will set your creative impulses free. ~ Flora Bowley

A recent string of synchronicities in my life happened like this: I particularly noticed images and offerings from one of my favorite artists while she was doing an international retreat with another artist whose work I had appreciated but was just beyond my conscious awareness. My heart leapt at the retreat photographs and the descriptions of place and process, the teachings, and the boldness of the journey. A month or so later my best friend sent a photograph of the new book she is very excited about and I remembered immediately I had noticed the same book before! But the biggest thing was the quote she sent from the book. (Mind you, this book is filled with incredible quotes and quotables, some of which I’ve shared here!) It was a life-changing message to me in the past that had just presented itself to me again through another source and now my friend was sending it to me too! Suffice to say, all this left me trembling. And then(!) I realized the author of the book is the same one who led the retreat and specializes in Brave Intuitive Painting and is a fellow Willamette Valley artist! WOW! I still don’t know what it all means, or where the path is going exactly, but I assure you I am paying close attention! And I’ve found that individually these synchronicities are fascinating, but when I string them together, write them down, make a list, follow the clues, the meanings deepen and the messages become profoundly powerful. Try it! I’d just love to hear about the mysteries and messages of how intuitive creativity appear for you.

Make a date to follow Intuition to whatever magical places she leads, and be prepared to welcome a new unfolding of your Creativity!

Only those who will risk going too far can possible find our how far one can go. ~ T.S. Eliot

Special thanks to Flora Bowley for joyously giving permission to share her wise and creative words. I hope you’ll check out her offerings and artwork!


Isabella Vickers is an artist, a writer and a dreamer. She is passionate, curious, and actively living a creative life. She practices as a Jungian-oriented psychotherapist and creativity coach in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley where she utilizes intuition, creativity, and expressive arts to facilitate growth and healing. Isabella is proud to be the Managing Editor of Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine where she writes the column “Dare to Bloom.” You can see her art at: www.IsabellaVickers.com and Isabella Vickers Art, learn more about her therapy work at: www.TendingSoulTherapy.com, and follow her column right here on www.CosmicCowgirlsMagazine.com.


4 Responses to “(intuitive) Creativity: listening beneath the surface”

  1. Lisa Bostwick July 25, 2013 at 4:42 pm #

    So true! Thanks

  2. Laura Toller Gardner July 29, 2013 at 7:42 am #

    Listening beneath the surface is so timely for me right now, heartfelt thank you!

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